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Brand vs Sales - which is more important?

I've worked with start -ups and big businesses, I've worked with sales teams and marketing teams. But no matter what company I work for, the marketing initiative with the lowest investment is always "brand."

Why? Because businesses want and need sales. I get you want easily trackable bits of shit that have a direct correlation to the bottom line. Understandably, because without sales, you don't have a business.

Driving sales is the necessary short game. The problem is that it's not one or the other; you can't sacrifice brand for the sale.

Your brand is what lives in the mind of your customer. It's not what "you" think, it's what "they" think, so by the time they've reached the bottom of your funnel, they're likely to have an opinion about you, your competitor, your product, or worse, no opinion at all. The purpose of branding is to create conversation, a point of differentiation, and an experience for your consumer. You are ultimately securing your position in the market. If you don't communicate what your brand stands for, your customer (or your competitor) will do it for you.

Brand is what sets you apart.

Brand is your point of differentiation.

Brand helps your consumers make decisions.

Brand improves customer acquisition.

If there is nothing else you take away from the content I share with you, make it this…


Hey, you need both. You need to build your brand, whether it's your personal brand or your company brand, your brand is what people think of and remember. If you're not talking brand, you're talking features and price. Anyone can beat you on features and price, but they can't make your customer remember you or think of you first unless there is an investment in brand.

Now this is research speak...

Research shows that two-thirds of the touchpoints during the active-evaluations phase involve consumer-driven activities such as Internet reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family. That means your customers are neglecting your trained sales team and making decisions based on recommendations from others. And when done right, branding does the selling for you.

And back to me...

Brands strengthen overtime. They require focus, coordinated effort, and consistent resources over time. If your brand expressions are consistent and continually developed, at some point, you will reach critical mass.

A Sales Quick Fix?

Now, why don’t I show you how a quick win sales campaign could work for you AND start building up your brand too?

Drop me an E mail at and Reply "Quick Fix" or book a quick call and if you’ve got 15 minutes, I’ll do exactly you how.

John (Nick) The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!



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