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How to become a great freelancer

and how to chose one for your business.

The term “freelancer” actually originated in the middle ages –– it was a skilled knight or mercenary for hire.

Free… lancer. Get it?

Anyway, let’s pretend for a moment that we’re a king in the middle ages who is at war with our prick cousin who wants our land and we’re worried we could lose the battle.

Now, let’s pretend we are interviewing hundreds of freelancers (knights for hire) to build an army capable of kicking the shit out of our prick cousins.

Who do you think we would hire? And, more so, who do you think we would pay the most money to hire?

Sir Dip Shit who shows up to the interview with twelve different weapons, none of which he can use very well?

Or, Sir Hendrickson, who shows up with a bow that he wields like Apollo, the Greek god of archery?

Sir Hendrickson, obviously.

The same can be said today, hundreds of years later, as we freelancers strive to create damn good work while adding to our loot.

If Jack (a dog-walking guy) told folks he was a freelance graphic designer, dog walker and piano instructor… he wouldn’t get hired by anyone.

The same can be said for the dick that claims he is a freelance “growth hacker” or “creative director” or my favourite, “full service social media expert”.

None of these titles mean anything, they’re just pretentious hippies with moustaches wanting to publicly jerk off on their LinkedIn.

Businesses don’t want a freelance full-stack whatever, they want a specialist –– freelancers who’ve dedicated themselves to learning and mastering a specific skill.

And so here’s mine, I’m the guy who comes up with the BIG IDEA, the STORY, the WORDS that makes a business stand out and continues to do so.

And if you want more of this, you had better start Doing it Differently!

You know where to get me.

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