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I want you to stay cool - that's with a "C"

Crack the 7 "C's" in marketing and away you go......

Marketing with the 7 "C's"

This is not an exhaustive list of things to do in your marketing, but I realised that a lot of things that are good for marketing, also begin with C. And I didn't even use community or content or.....I digress!

1. Clarity You will never fail to underestimate that what makes perfect sense to you, does not make that exact same sense to others in the same way. Make it clearer than clear who you are and what you do. 2. Connection LinkedIn will tell you that you've made a connection. Unfortunately, it ain't that easy. What do you think it takes to really make a connection with someone? 3. Cost What is the value (in time and money) to you and to the customer? 4. Create Make things, experiment, fail, share what you do. 5. Confidence We can feel your confidence in a campaign. And if you're not confident, we definitely aren't. There's no room for half-hearted attempts. 6. Counterintuity Not a word, but should be. Or is it counterintuitiveness? What is everyone else in your space doing? How can you be different? How is this most likely to evolve and how can you get there first? 7. Consistency Be different, but be consistent. Thanks for the advice, Cole. ( Another C! ) We want you to stand out, but we want to know it's you. Bonus: Always be cool. 😎 I need you cool. Are you cool?

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John Nick

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