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It's all about the Yellow Pad

I don't actually remember when my infamous Yellow Pads started - maybe I saw the newsreaders on TV using them and thought, " Well you can't miss them " or something like that!

But for over 25 years, my Yellow Pads and pencils, are where it all started. Maybe even before!

With the Client, we work together, scribble and start getting a vibe, something that excites, inspires but most importantly we are on the same track.

Buying into each other. That's what matters the most.

And then.

The Thinking. The Story. The Ideas. The Getting it Down on Paper Moment.

Then the Strategy to Make it Happen

The Words, The Story, The Big Idea and then start Doing it Differently!

Strategy isn't just a part of the game; it IS the game.

My journey through advertising's echelons has taught me that a winning strategy is what separates a good campaign from a legendary one.

I’ve distilled these insights into my way, that's tailored for businesses like you aiming for the moon.

Whether it's a local hero or a global titan, the principles remain the same:

A Great Idea and Doing it Differently!

Curious about the methods that has powered iconic campaigns?

Let's strategize your marketing and get it right.

But start with the Yellow Pad and only when we have alignment on principles, bring out the lap tops and iPads.

Because once you go digital, you tend to be committed.

Ready to join me and the Yellow Pad?

Let's start Doing it Differently......together !

John (Nick) The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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