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Sometimes to really scale up, you need to automate

And if you're like me, I still like old fashioned communication.

Like pencils and notepads, letters and cards and paper reminders, diaries and the like.

I digress.

Because to really grow your business, reach more customers and provide fantastic customer engagement and service, you need to automate.

Yesterday I was with a client who has a brilliant business and it's growing.

Unfortunately, so are the pain points and they are getting really bogged down with customer enquiries through Facebook and the like.

They literally are doing nothing else.

So, we are putting the marketing on hold and looking at how we can automate their business to make it more efficient.

It's an exciting time for them and me.

But we know automation is key to growth and it will happen, and we will get it right.

Share your experiences with me.

What has worked, and what hasn't.

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