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There is only pure creativity and originality in what we do for you in our Creactivist Spark Session

The session is now back up to £500 / $500 ...but still a bargain!

And after we're finished I will give you the Creactivist Play Pad - the Plan on a Page which shows you what is needed, insights to your customer, your goals and the Big Idea to get you going. All in one place.

" come so cheap?"

Because I want to show you what I can do and prove to you that effective marketing is the life blood of any business.

It's the foundation. The bedrock.

When done correctly, it can transform a fledgling venture into a marketplace leader. A cash strapped entrepreneur into a cash - flush business owner.

This is real marketing from a marketer who knows his stuff.

Kick off with a FREE ZOOM call....just type ZOOM in the header and send an email to me and we can start Doing it Differently!

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