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If you want what you've got, stick with it.
You don't need me.
But if you want change, and make things happen
It's time to........
Start Doing it Differently!

Creative Space

"I help you with those really messy, meaty, knotty
business and brand problems through CreActivity!"

doing it differently (4).png

So, you might be thinking what can this “John Nick” actually do for me?

You’re smart. I like that.   

Here's the craic; I'm not in the business of fighting over scraps with the masses.

I'm in the business of absolute and total domination.

And if you're in this with me, then that's the business you're in too,

and ready to start Doing it Differently!

Quite exciting, really.

So, first up, let’s talk and you can suss me out.


"This is the real world and I focus on results through CreActivity...
Increase sales. Make a measurable change in attitude or perception. Solve problems. Make a difference."

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  Creativity  Marketing

Niche    Brand  Dominate 

Difference   Advertising 

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