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Hey! I'm the
CreActivist®| LEDGE Ad Man | Mentor | Ideas Man |
Telling Stories that Sell

Don't learn to follow. Learn to lead.
A CreActivist® is someone who likes 
Doing It Differently!

Look, there are so many leg humpers out there.....I have and I'm sure you have, met them all.

I want to work with strong people with awesome life experiences and polished wits, to meet and gossip, grapple and plot!

And on my infamous Yellow Pad and Pencil- we start, and stay analog as long as we can.

Once you go digital, you tend to be committed.

Raw CreActivist Ideas.


Show you new and different ways how CreActivity will solve problems and create simple yet Big Ideas that generate real impact on your business where it matters.

And these Big Ideas are for Brave Brands that mean Business!

 So, start here and find your Big Idea free. Just click on the Yellow Book here!

With the creation of simple, yet powerful ideas that generate real impact, is the very promising new deal, for your business or brand."

Hey, once you start Doing it Differently, it's easy for doubt to set in.

Because Doing it Differently causes change, and change is scary.

The alternative is to acknowledge and embrace the idea of Doing it Differently and be clear about the changes you seek to make.

You will embrace Doing it Differently! and not be timid about it and hold back on your heels, but come for it and own it.

CreActivity and Ideas are the new differentiator. 

With Stories that Sell.

“CreActivity is the power to activate thinking. Activate feeling. Active doing.

Brands and Businesses that connect on an emotional level with their audiences, more and more start their brand activisim. CreActivity is the super power, which brands and businesses need to move the needle.

And that’s why I CreActivate. “

Because without these changes...and more, you stay where you are.

Hey, I’m not for everyone but this is Marketing from a real Marketer who knows his stuff.

Are you in or out?

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Copywriting  Strategy     Brand Building    Creativity 
  Entrepreneur    Doing it Differently!

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