My Story

Sometimes it’s all about me!.....

So I walked in a Bar one day and thought “ How do I show people what I Do Differently?”

I needed a name, a brand to position what I do, so this is where I began the new journey.

The Creactivist who is Doing it Differently!

I'm creating original and unusual ideas whilst challenging conventional thinking

That’s what I am.

That's what I do.

But many years, and many bars ago I was an Ad Man – a Mad Man of the ‘80s and ‘90s

Working on some great brands like Tia Maria, Barratt Homes, Carrefour, Qantas, Dunhill, the RHM brand groups of Paxo, Bisto and Saxa.

And of course my baby of them all Gillette, with my very own slogan, “The Best a Man can Get”. [ Good story to tell you about this when we meet up! ]

Great days when lunches lasted for Days!


Life moved on and I ran successful Ad Agencies in the North East. Invested in businesses, sold out and re invested. Got the feel of “running a business” – it really is the cold face and it’s hard. Bloody hard.


Here is where my marketing approach shifted – real results matter – no bullshit waffle.

Good marketing is hard to come by – so I started Doing it Differently!


Getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes hard; but whatever size or type of business you are in, I’m your Strategist, Copywriter, Marketer and all round Brand LEDGE on tap. This is Marketing from a real Marketer who knows his stuff.


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