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Over the years, my studios have regularly changed character. The importance of a den or tree-house to a child is later fulfilled by a bedroom decked with posters or stickers and eventually by a room full of books, models, materials or objects, whether orderly or chaotic, and that is what my studio is for me. It is a place I am always glad to go; a room that welcomes me after a business trip, a place where ideas and innovative visions become reality – the Doing. And just as the child in the tree-house, my studio feeds my soul.

But then, the Muses don’t visit my Studio  so for inspiration I need to get out.


Because,desks are designed for doing, not thinking. They are places where you get constantly interrupted. They put people in a mindset that probably doesn't welcome fresh thinking. And people don't want to be seen staring into space thinking about a problem while everyone around them is clacking the keys.

That's why most of my ideas tend to come to me when I’m not sitting in my swivel chair.

And if you want people to come to you with better ideas, problem solving and more creativity, encourage them to escape from their desks too.

Or even better still, escape the office altogether.

But now I digress…..

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