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Sometimes, it’s all about me

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So I walked in a Bar one day and thought “ How do I show people what I Do Differently?”

Well, it's about being talked about and challenging conventional thinking. And getting things done.

It's about being a CreActivist® and Doing it Differently!

But many years, and many bars ago I was an Ad Man – a Mad Man of the ‘80s and ‘90s

Working on some great brands like Tia Maria, Dunhill, Barratt Homes, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, British Gas, Carrefour, Procter & Gamble the RHM brand groups of Paxo, Bisto and Saxa.

And of course my baby of them all Gillette, with my very own slogan, “The Best a Man can Get”.

[ Good story to tell you about this when we meet up! ]

Great days when lunches lasted for Days!

Life moved on and I ran successful Ad Agencies. Invested in businesses, sold out and re invested. Got the feel of “running a business” – it literally is the coal face and it’s hard.

Bloody hard.

Here is where my marketing approach shifted – real results matter – no bullshit waffle.

Being Different does matter. 

Good Marketing and Great Ideas are hard to come by –  and businesses need more, so I started

Doing it Differently!

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