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3 steps that make your Posts work better

Here’s how to ‘tickle the pixel’...

Look, I'm no social media "expert" but here are 3 steps you need to take on board.

And, it’s the fastest, simplest, and most scalable way to explode your leads and ROAS with FB ads.

Hey... Everyone obsesses over campaign types and bid strategies…

My guru’s better than your guru!

Blah blah blah…

Hey, I’ve no idea either!

What a load of bollocks!

Okay, so do you really want to know the best way to take your ads manager…

And turn it into a majestic place.

A place where your customer loves to come and visit

Before you roll your eyes and go back to your newsfeed.

Lower CPMs

Lower CPCs

Lower CPAs

And sky-high ROI!

I thought so...

Well, let me tell you that it’s a very obvious detail that most marketers overlook.


Yep, the words you use are infinitely more important than anything else.

Shhhh. I’ll stop you there.

Before you roll your eyes, and go back to your newsfeed.

I’m not some marketing guru who’s scaled a few ecom stores using ads, or courses, or lead gen.

Nor am I someone who has done it in just a dozen or so niches.


My agency has run ads in so many different niches.

And have generated our clients so so much in sales and counting.

All with ads. And more.

And if you’re running ads this probably sounds familiar:

Every time you scale your campaigns ROAS drops through the floor.

CPL’s and CPA’s skyrocket.

So you then pull back on ad spend, because your ROI is burning quicker than a crop fire.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you…

I’m going to reveal a fast, simple, and easy way for you to explode your results.

Alright, saddle up.

Here we go.


When it comes to Facebook ads everyone has it all wrong.

The first thing they focus on is the image.

They get all…“we have to make it pop!”

And they commit the worst advertising sin of all…

They make their ads, well...look like ads!!!

Hear me when I say this...

Don’t make your ads look like ads.

Instead, make them look like the content that people are already consuming on the platform.

Otherwise, you won't cut through the sales resistance, scepticism and noise…

Created by all the other ads screaming for your prospect's attention.

And, this is also how we “tickle the pixel”.

But hold up. I’m not done.

And he rewards us with better ad inventory.

Better placement in the newsfeed.


When it comes to targeting.

The algorithm is smart.

Very smart.

Let it figure it out.

(Trust me, they will.)

But most people smother the pixel.

They get all loco….

Must be 31 to 34 years old.

Married with 2.3 children.

Drive a Range Rover Sport.

And live in the beautiful Northumbria countryside

And like almond milk cappuccinos and Jason Donavon.

Seriously, relax.

Give them some room to work.

Their algorithm knows where the buyers are…

And will find them for you.

Trust me. (I'm in advertising after all!)

(I really shouldn't be teaching you this for so little money *cough* free!).

But hold up. I’m not done.


This is the secret sauce.

And it all comes down to the words in your ads.

That’s right.

The copy.

When you get the words right, everything is cheaper.

Usually, a lot cheaper.

CPM’s are stunningly lower.

Your cost per click drops.

Leads are cheaper.

And, as a result…

Your cost to get a customer is cheaper.

Much cheaper.

And you make a whole lot more wonga.

As for the words.

It’s long copy for the win.

When it's engaging, of course.

But it can’t just be long, for the sake of being long!

That ain't gonna cut the mustard.

Focus on being different.


And as dramatic as possible!

And your ads will sell like crazy.

Here is when most people say…

“But my business is different and this won’t work for me”.

Don’t forget we’ve done this before…..

And Doing it Differently! is what makes your business different.

It makes it happen!

Find out more here - let's see what shizzle we can create!

John (Nick)

PS. I'm no social media "expert" - just know great words work!

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