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A few things every man should remember during this heatwave

Someone ( I think it was Sergio Valente ) once said, "how you look tells the world how you feel" ( These are my Nickidioms and I take full blame for what I think)


Socks with sandals and dark socks with shorts are statements to be avoided.


On the beach.

In your garden.

And speaking of espadrilles, if you wear them you should be ashamed.

Or French. And ashamed.

No level of fitness justifies wearing a tank top in public.

No level of fitness- or, for that matter, drunkenness- justifies wearing a tank top at home.

It's acceptable, if you're old, to dress in this heatwave in a way that makes you appear younger.

It's not acceptable, if you're old, to dress in a way that makes you appear younger than twelve.

Skinny men can wear things fat men cannot.

Italian men, even fat Italian men, can wear things English men cannot.

Clothing in this heatwave, no, at any time, that reveals your preferences in sports teams and rock bands should be left at home with your parents when you move out.

You can't wear a fedora if you're under 40.

Unless you are a famous novelist or not a total geek.

And finally, when in doubt, ask a woman.

Know that she will often be wrong, too, and that, ultimately, a man is adrift in a vast sea of complexity and indecision that he alone must ply.

Oh, and never trust what you read.

So no pressure on what I'm wearing today.

Maybe I should start Doing it Differently!????

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