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A simple and effective way to get new customers, and keep them.

So this week for one of my businesses and a client, I started a small campaign getting to build a new subscriber list - essentially getting clients online, offline - in a list that they control. A bit like my list for Doing it Differently!, which topped over 1000 subscribers a few days ago. Doing this gets you your own media platform - and its free. What's not to like? You may also like to be in my Business Growth Tribe too - againg a Facebook Group that is another media platform which is free - currently with some 1600 like minded members. Check it out.

So for Adrianos Fortuna, the Italian Bar and Restaurant in Gosforth, Newcastle, there will be some 10000 customers coming through the doors until Christmas - many never been there before, but we want them back big time. This simple incentive to get their E Mail address in return for a 50% off food offer in January has already pulled in over 160 Email addresses in just 3 days - yes, 3 days! The uptake percentage is confidential, but very impressive. At this rate, before the New Year they will have a customer E Mail list of a few thousand - what a platform for future marketing at more or less zilch cost. A similair referral promotion for Slaley Hall in Northumberland is performing well too - this was actually featured in my November newsletter which went in some more depth on how to put these promotions together. You don't need to spend big bucks to get new customers, start new initiatives - what you do need though is to really get into the mindset of your customer - give added value and start Doing it Differently! Hey, I'm here for you - I can show you ideas that will work for your business as in right now, building great foundations and marketing opportunities for the New Year and beyond. And that means sales whatever other shit that is going on around you! Until next time.....

John (Nick)

The CreActivist AdMan

Whenever you’re are more ways you can grow your business.

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