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And here is the reason she said "Yes!"

So a guy walks up to the girl in a yellow shirt at the Bar.

"Hey, I'm Jake and I couldn't help noticing you've been watching Wimbeldon on the Big Screen. I have 2 tickets for the Doubles Final - would you like to join me?"

( The Chat Up line is Marketing )

She looks at him, he looks cool and confident and then remembers him helping an elderly lady in the shop earlier. He was joking and laughing with her, and helped with the shopping bags to a waiting taxi.

Jill liked the gesture of this guy.

"That would be lovely" Jill answered.

(Knowing she will have a great time and trusts him is the Branding)

Remember, while Marketing can get you noticed, solid Branding is what keeps people coming back to you and spreading the word about you.

So what is your Brand Story?

Join me and my Yellow Pad - let's really get down to exploring some Brand Ideas and Business Issues that will help you, with some of your headaches, in your business.

And this is my chat up line - I hope you say "Yes!" and the Yellow Pad Ideas are my treat!

Drop me an E Mail at

Until then...

Start thinking about Doing It Differently!

Look, getting out of your comfort zone is sometimes hard; but whatever size business you are in, I’m your Strategist, Copywriter, Marketer and all round Brand LEDGE on tap.

This is Marketing from a real Marketer who knows his stuff.

John ( Nick ) , The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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