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Are you ready to create some real tension in your your business?

It's not a rhetorical question.

There are two ways to do your work.

You can be a taxi driver. Show up and ask someone where they are going. Charge them what it says on the meter. Maybe get a tip for being nice. You might be a harder working cabbie, but it wont change much.

Or you can be the agent of change, someone who creates tension as I call it and then relieves it.

When a new area is built in a City, like here in Newcastle, it attracts new revellers and socialites to check it out and creates tension for countless people. But then another cool area opens and those people who were happy earlier felt like they were "out of sorts".

They asked " Am I the sort of person who goes to last years whatever?"

The very existence of a cooler alternative degraded their experience at the former favourite area. Get it?

Tension is created. And the only way to relieve that tension is with forward motion.

So, now when you look to get your arse into gear and get your business or yourself to face the new challenges; when you start telling your story, with the solution you have in mind, do you also create tension?

If you don't the status quo is likely to survive. Nothing will happen. You will just be where you were before.

This is real Marketing from a Marketer who knows his stuff.

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