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Be careful what you want with your website

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Here's a little tip you may want to take on board.

Before web sites were around, if you were a business you probably had a brochure, sales leaflet or a catalogue.

These were expensive to produce so you handed them out with caution, making sure every one counted.

With a sales pitch, with a follow up call - you know the drill. Or do you?

Now of course, we put all our faith in the web site to do the most important job.

Sell and Close.

All the hard work through marketing, you get your customer to your web site, then what happens.

Nothing. All that effort wasted. Sure, they've had a nice look around and then thought, " Not for me ...right now / ever / another time."

I've just finished a web site for a client; before the web site was live we had a holding page inviting viewers to leave their E Mail address and we will keep them informed, keep in touch until the site went live.

Success. A few hundred E Mail addresses.

Now the site is live, a trickle of enquiries. Why? Because they have made their mind up already.

So the message here is always remember what you want from your web site. Pretty pictures, cool design, clever words - of course, BUT always have what I call the Landing Page - simple page to entice the customer to give you their E Mail address.

Use Lead Magnets ( I'll tell you more about these another time ) - build up your prospect list and then you really have something to go after.

And link your Landing Page to your marketing - get them there first.

Don't think your web site alone will do your job.

See you next time and hopefully that's when we start Doing it Differently ! Together.

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