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Being Different Over Being Best: A Lesson From The BBC Antique Roadshow

In the captivating world of The BBC Antique Roadshow, we see Fiona Bruce along with the eager audience being put to the test by an expert.

The challenge?

To distinguish the extraordinary antique from the simply ordinary.

Picture Courtesy BBC Antiques Roadshow

The audience is given a few hints and some background information about the three items in question.

Everyone chimes in with their guesses - it's all part of the fun.

But here's the kicker. More often than not, they (and I'm no exception) get it wrong!

You might be wondering what this has to do with running a business. Well, the message is quite simple and profound.

Don't sweat yourself trying to be the best.

The notion of 'best' is overrated and the effort needed to achieve it often goes unnoticed and unappreciated. It doesn't feel natural either.

Sometimes, all it takes is a genuine smile or a well-chosen word or two with a customer to make a lasting impression.

As long as you're doing your best, don't fall into the trap of comparison or overthinking about what more you could be doing. More often than not, you're already doing enough.

So take a deep breath, let things be, and start embracing the joy of just being you.

And remember, when you start Doing it Differently, it will always be better than being the best!

John (Nick)

The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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