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Big Brands ...Sexy Advertising...More Customers

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

But keeping them is a different matter all together

Getting customers to come back isn’t bleeding rocket science. It comes down to getting creative about how you bring them in the door, and caring more about the customers you already have, versus the ones you don’t.

I think we all know how hard it is to get a customer, get an enquiry, convert the lead.

But it ceases to amaze me how not just the big brands screw up, but the small businesses do - the ones who are agile and offer a personal service.

I may be biased but I love marketing. Love how powerful it really can be.

It's the simple things that matter. When the customer thinks, "WOW" wasn't expecting that and then starts telling the story. Spreading the word. Then you know you have cracked it.

So today, stop and think how you "WOW" your customers - what can you do better - you need to be focusing on these guys right now.

It's all about Doing it Differently!

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