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Do customers like you or your brand?

People buy from people they like.

Not people they dislike. Not people they're indifferent about.

But people they like.

"Like" is an arbitrary term and can really function as a sort of fill in the blank space.

People buy from people they (find interesting ).

People buy from people they (find funny ).

People buy from people they (find cool ).

People buy from people they ( find popular ).

This applies to brands, too.

We don't buy brands ( at least not over and over again ) because they offer the best products....

No. We buy brands because there is something about them that draws us to them. They're interesting or funny or cool or popular or whatever. They have a story behind them.

So, marketing and branding and advertising is simply a game of choosing which of these things we are going to be. And tell the story.

And, once we do, we use the power of design and copy to turn this into something tangible.

Never sell a shit product or service.

Now, with that all said, I myself am a marketer. So, I am of course going to try to sell you something that will make your brand the one everyone is talking about.

Let's start with a FREE ZOOMBAR session - that's 30 minutes to see my stuff, either on ZOOM or in a BAR if we're allowed ! See if I'm full of shit or not.

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