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Do you really want to be so boring?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

What the hell do your customers think of you...if they think of you at all?

The vast majority of brands nowadays are run by men and women terrified of doing something creative with their advertising, going against the status quo, offending someone, taking a stand, etc. Just today, I received edits on a sales page I wrote for a company in an industry where everyone sounds exactly alike. The edits involved removing any and all language that made them unique, interesting and ultimately different from the dozens of other competitors gunning for their necks.

Due to the fact that I am not in this game to simply collect fat fees and retainers and watch 75% of the copy I write get edited out by individuals who've never picked up a pen, I'm fighting them, tooth and nail, on every phrase. Shitty, safe, watered-down copy riddled with industry-specific jargon is a very micro-example of a phenomenon going on with brands everywhere at the moment. And, as a result, we're getting underwhelming brands that could best be described as shrug-inducing. When brands choose to play it small... when they choose to play it safe... they avoid making enemies but they also avoid making customers.

"Not offending anyone" and being "agreeable" isn't an advertising strategy, it's a race to the grave.

In closing, if you have an advertising idea that gives you that "standing at the edge of a massive cliff" feeling, it's probably a pretty good indicator that you should jump. And, if you hire me, don't wring my fucking neck when I tell you how to make your brand strut its stuff.

Time to start Doing it Differently?

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