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Do you walk like a Penguin?

Hear me out, ... mindset and energetics are vital for success.

Walking like a Penguin is not.

 But there's a reason why Strategy is what will take you further in 2024 if you focus on it THIS month and in January.

 You see, December and January are the two months when everyone is busy doing one of these things.


In their business, either selling or procrastinating.

👉 Selling, because they know that these two months are usually amazing for sales (not this time though - which only a few who have been monitoring the market landscape will understand).


👉 Procrastinating, because they're too afraid to get out there and sell.

They will end up walking like a Penguin. Doing what everyone else is doing. Looking like everyone else too. Flightless and staying close together for safety.


In reality, those of us who plan to make 2024 the best year of our business, even though for many it will be the worst... are busy working on strategy right now.

Mapping out a lifestyle goal, bridging the lifestyle gaps... reverse-engineering everything from that, and breaking it down into:

 Business goals

 Branding goals

  ...then, breaking it down into monthly, weekly and daily activities that will ensure all goals get met.


Once, and only once you have this - that's when the mindset and energetic work comes into play.

 The problem is, most people try to do the opposite... and it doesn't work. Never has.

Make 2024 the year when you stop relying on hope to grow your business.

Crossing your fingers and praying something works is disrespectful to what you're building - as is walking like a Penguin - your business deserves better 👌

John (Nick) The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

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