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Exclusive vs Elite.

Where do you want your customer?

Elite is an external measure.

Does your customer aspire to this, care or respect this badge?

Well, we have no control over Elite status. It can be taken away.

In many ways.

Now, Hells Angels aren't Elite, but they are Exclusive.

They do things. They change things.

Every member of Exclusive is people like us.

Sign up and you gain status. Walk away and you lose it.

In order to change a culture for your business, can I suggest you begin with an Exclusive cohort.

That's where it can really happen. Where you can offer the most tension and create the most connections for your business.

Where great ideas start and the best ideas spread.

And that is where great marketing comes into it's own.

Hey, join my cohort here and start by getting a free guide on "How to find your great Marketing Idea"

Until then ....stay safe but start Doing it Differently!

John (Nick)

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