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Experience matters

After just finishing reading the "Early Life" autobiography of Churchill, have I really understood what a great man he was.

Risking his life countless times, he fought Pakistan tribesmen in the hills of India and took part in one of the last full-scale cavalry engagements in history, the crushing battle of Omdurman.

The later escape from a prison camp during the Boer War.....and it goes on.

After all this , he entered the House of Commons at the age of twenty six.

He says remembering that time,

"Was it wonderful that I should have thought I had arrived?"

"But luckily life is not as easy as all that: otherwise we should get to the end too quickly."

This is the forging of a character and temperament of what makes a great man.

This is what experience is all about, learning from your mistakes and your successes, the hard times and the good times, getting that "gut feeling" and going with it.

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