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Facts tell, stories sell...more sales for your business.

I promise you that's possible

Sometimes it's good to remind yourself about what making sales is all about.

Target Customers

You get to choose who your customers are.

Target customers who can actually pay the kind of prices that you need to charge to not only pay the kind of prices that you need to charge but for you to deliver fantastic services.

Focus on what matters to them, not what matters to you.

Here's what to remember - a silent radio saying WIIFM - what's in it for me.

Get that and your sale is on the way.

Remember that facts tell and stories sell. Tell stories about how you have done it before, where they started and where they want to be.

Fall in love with sales and marketing. It is the life blood of every business. I want you to embrace making money. I want you to embrace Doing it Differently! and not be timid about it and hold back on your needs, but like come for it and own it.

I promise you that's possible.

Hey, if I can convince you that we can unlock real potential and sales in your business ( obviously you have to be good at what you do or there's no point!), then you can agree to book a time and invest a few minutes into seeing how we can work together?

It should be an easy choice.

Let's chat soon.

John (Nick)

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