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Get this, and you really are on the road to success.

In almost every new business meeting I go to, people are desperate to understand why their product or service isn't selling better.

They are always pointing out how good their product is, how much better/faster/more durable it is. They are obsessed with what I call the "utility" and they can't understand why the market isn't responding to their analysis, their breakdown of the difference between the offering and that of their competitor.

But surely the utility of the product or service is what the customer is looking for?

No way!

And that is why you can start shaping your focus and ideas for your business

(or even yourself!)

Because, putting it bluntly, we don't need what you sell.

We buy what we want.

And that is where we can look for success.

Where do you want to start?

Start Doing it Differently!

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