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"Have you lost your Mojo?"

Post lock down blues?

Feeling something is missing? Confidence is a preference

Funny old thing, confidence, isn't it? One minute it's there, the next, vanished. Sometimes we can't help but back ourselves. When the competitiveness kicks in. Or when someone tells me I can't do something - never does the certainty course harder through my veins. But confidence doesn't always equal competence. The least competent people have been proven to overestimate their abilities (maybe not knowing enough to know what they didn't know) and the highest achievers underestimate. So if someone tells you how good they are at something, chances are they aren't. But if we are good at things, why are we blind to them?

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!" - Robert Burns

Ah, good old imposter syndrome, an old 'friend' to many of us. And so convincing. But is it always imposter syndrome, or sometimes is the workplace to blame or the worker?

And why do we allow so much Bull Shit in our lives? And if getting out of your comfort zone is so good for you, why does it feel so bad? I like to think that the churning in the pit of your stomach is the product of learning stuff. Really fast. Learning new things and learning how to see yourself in a different way. Doing it Differently! At Marketing Live! on Monday, I did my first-ever proper live talk. In the past, I've gone into denial about things I've been worried about doing and it hasn't worked out well. Preparation and practice were definitely the keys. And knowing the audience was such a friendly bunch. I tried to think more about how I could help people with what I was speaking about instead of focusing on me having to talk. Next time, I'll be more self-assured in the run-up. A bit of nervousness will make people warm to you in certain situations, but demonstrating confidence in the way you act (not just by telling people you are good at something) will make people want to connect and do business with you.

Now I'm a marketer and really believe that this goes for your marketing too.

Whether that be for yourself or your business.

Don't tell people you're good at something. Show them you are.

Whatever you do.

Let me work with you - let's grab a 15 minute chat here

Meantime, until next time, be bold, be yourself and push those boundaries.

John (Nick)

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