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Here's how to choose an idea and create something that you really want.

A free playbook and such a cool way to start the New Year and have something to look forward to.

Hey, this is something called

ikigai and it's just meant for guys like you.

I'm guessing there is a creative streak in you - or maybe a hidden desire just dying to break free?

It's for multi - disciplinary- creatives.

Do you want to create your ONE thing out of #allthethings you want to do?

Using the Japanese philosophy of ikigai, this free playbook helps you choose an idea that sits right at the intersection of what you love, what you do well. what you're rewarded for and what the world needs.

Look, it's free and trust me, it's great stuff - especially if you want to clear all the shit in your head and focus on something positive.

Share it with your friends , clients and family maybe too?

Let me know how you get on and if you're ready to start Doing it Differently! get in touch with me!

Never miss a blog again and sign up here - can't wait to share stuff with you!

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