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Here's how to find your BIG MARKETING IDEA for your business.

Hey, Great marketing is all about ideas. And great ideas spread.

Look, today your customer wants a different way of buying/experiencing/getting things… and more.

And that is why I keep pushing my concept of the BIG IDEA – because without this you really are just another player in a crowded marketplace.

So, here’s how to start – I call it the Unique Mechanism and its all about Doing it Differently!

Now just so I can give you the best chance to identify the mechanism that fits your business and product best, let me share with you that there are …

3 Types Of Unique Mechanisms

The first one is you actually have just that – a true unique mechanism.

An example here could be that you have a special family recipe for your baked artisan breads that are so unbelievably good that people go crazy for them. You have something unique — a recipe — that no one else has.

The second one is the “unspoken mechanism.”

My mentor Todd turned me onto this concept. As he puts it, “This is where there’s a part or piece or aspect of your product or service that competitors also have in their product or service, but nobody else is talking about it.”

He continues, “Nobody else is talking about it, and so just by YOU talking about it, it becomes perceived in the marketplace to be your unique mechanism.”

A famous example of this is how Schlitz beer in the early 1900s went from 8th in the marketplace all the way to No. 1 simply by describing how their beer was purified.

The details were quite routine within the industry — ALL the other brands actually had the exact same brewing process. However, the public had never been told the nitty gritty details …

… the 4,000 foot deep artesian wells … the plate-glass rooms where beer was dripping over pipes … the hundreds of experiments required to bring out the “robust flavor … the mechanized way the bottles were sterilized four times before filling … huge filters filled with wood pulp … how every pp was cleaned twice daily … plus many other details that are boring to the brewers themselves but contain enough fascination for the layperson to make them excited to buy the product.

This one technique — naming their mechanism — earned Schlitz a top-selling position. They remained there for a very long time.

Now the third type of mechanism is something you could call the transformative mechanism, where you’re turning something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Let’s say you’re a fitness coach who teaches a ketogenic style of diet. Now keto is very common, so let’s say you come to keto with your workout routines and instead of naming it keto you name it, “Beasting, Feasting and Fasting.” I know someone who did this. He built his brand around this and was quite successful. He simply put a new spin on it by giving it a unique name. And YEEHA, he now had the ability to tell stories in a different way than his competitors.

So the bottom line is that when you have a unique mechanism, your entire marketing message becomes about getting buy-in on how and why that unique mechanism can deliver the result your prospect wants.

Now, I would advise you guys to do some serious thinking on what your unique mechanism is before implementing any marketing campaign. When you do, you’ll instantly have TONS of fodder for story content. You will now have the ability to educate, share, teach, and show your audience just why your product or service is superior to everything else out on the market.

And what this means is, by the time you get to the offer, the prospects have bought into it.

They will ALREADY love it, they want it, and you’ve created demand for your product without even talking about the product – just by educating them on the unique mechanism… something that is unique to YOU.

When done the right way — by using the BIG IDEA -the power of story — this can be awesome.

So that’s the other thing you can tell stories about — your mechanism. You educate your audience about your mechanism through stories.

Look, great work takes time, access, inspiration, creative freedom, and partnership.

Is it really possible to have all that within a start up timeline and budget?

Too bloody right it is . I do it often, and more so during Lockdown and ZOOM- ing away every day!

But it takes someone ( you ) willing to think differently.

Hey, I’m here for those who see strategy and creativity not as a commodity, but as a big bloody dial that can turn up the volume on all things customer – facing.

I’m not for everyone BUT I’m guessing because you’ve got down to the end bit here, maybe I am for you?

Want to chat this through? You know where I am and I would be thrilled to talk this and more through with you – it really is all about Doing it Differently!

From a dark, cold icy night, looking outside my window to an empty village green, thinking….beer time!

Until next time…

John (Nick)

The Creactivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

T: 07990592222


PS. Remember, great marketing is all about ideas. And great ideas spread. Want me to work with you and your team? Get in touch here.

PPS. Let's please please, have a beer or wine together, real soon!

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