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"Here's my card; if you or anyone you know needs help with marketing, give me a call."

And why now, your business card is even more important. Click and Read on...

Don't forget to use your business card.

And if you don't have one, get one.

To too many people the business card is so common, so trivial, that they forget its purpose.

Business cards are to get and keep customers, not to go in a fish bowl at an exhibition for a free lunch.

Business cards should not be cute, cluttered or chunky.

Don't put every product you make and every logo in your organisation on your card.

Less is more.

Here is my card.

Check the back; it gives me the opportunity to quickly personalise it with where we met ( usually a bar ) and what we talked about.

Just in case you've forgotten me! ( Well we did meet in a bar! )

Post lockdown there will be a huge shift on how we do business. Many of us have lost confidence, social skills and frankly may still be cautious in meeting people.

BUT, the business card can help break down these fears - it's a great opener.

"Here's my card; if you or anyone you know needs help with marketing, and in particular is looking for THE BIG IDEA for your business, give me a call."

You know where I am now - don't be a stranger! Get in touch here, and let's start Doing it Differently!

"Nunc est Bibendum"

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