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Hold on to the magic - never let it go, ever.

One of the first things you should do when you have a great idea, start a new business or a new job is remind yourself what's so good about it.

Take an idea for example.

Ideas are a bit like jokes. You can only experience a joke for the first time once. The more you hear it after that, the less funny it becomes.

Similarly, the more you work on and idea, the less brilliant it seems.

You can end up losing track of what mae it special in the first place and end up with something unremarkable and compromised.

So, in a few sentences, define what makes the idea so good.

Keep it simple.

Describe the idea, state what makes it special, and list the elements that are important to hold on to.

Hold on to the magic.

Keep referring back to it, especially if you lose faith.

Don't drift from this unless you have very good reason to.

Have you got an idea you want to explore and take further?

Inject some creativity and start Doing it Differently!?

Until then, escape from the norm and remember that drifty, random thoughts are where new ideas and creative thinking tends to happen.

John (Nick)

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