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How the Placebo Effect and Doing it Differently can work for your marketing

Small changes can make a big difference.

Starbucks coffee isn’t any better than coffee you might find at a local shop. But, when you smack a fancy logo on the cup, surround it with a ton of white space and add a £5 price tag to the mix… suddenly it becomes a luxury.

(And, the interesting thing about a luxury is that you only have to experience a luxury once for it to become a necessity, but that’s an article for another day.) 

The reason marketers and advertisers invest such a large sum of money in design and branding (and dare I say copywriting?), is because when you make something appear to be “prettier” and position it to be of a higher quality than something else, you bring The Placebo Effect into play and this makes the experience better, fuller, lovelier.

And that too is all about Doing it Differently!

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