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How to focus on the appearance of your brand

And think about your end customer

Think back to the last time you bought a stand out product or experienced a great service.

How did it make you feel?

When you are putting together the branding for your business, always stretch yourself a little further, think about your end customer and how they will feel when they buy into what you are offering, know that we are all human and everyone likes to be left feeling special.

I always like to think the service I provide to my clients as a present, and the feeling you get when you receive a gift is something that I like to replicate when providing someone with any information from my company.

So today, write out a list of the areas where you can incorporate your key message and core values in places that your end user will engage with it.

Examples of engaging places within your work could be the entrance to your offices, the staff uniforms, office space, meeting rooms, vehicle livery, website, brochures. You should have a tick list that is all run from your brand guidelines. Everything that you say should be mirrored across everything that you do, so you have a clear message that speaks to your end consumer.

Maybe it's time to start Doing it Differently!?

Yup, you know where I am;

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