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How to put the Creactivist Spark back in your Business

Putting the Creactivist Spark Back In your Business

Finding Big Creactivist Marketing Ideas begins with deep digging.

And, when digging and doing your research, you need to consume lots of information. You need lots of ideas.

And to get lots of ideas, you need lots of input.

This is why the idea of a marketer not reading a variety of diverse books and magazines… not watching the news… not watching popular movies or television shows… not reading general information as well as market-specific information… is absurd.

Marketers that foolishly limit their sources of information are limiting their input. And, by limiting their input, they're limiting their potential output of ideas.

In order to come up with lots of ideas, you must have a lot of input. And you must have a lot of input and a lot of ideas in order to find and develop a Big Creactivist Marketing Idea.

Remember: The whole process for finding and developing a Big Creactivist Marketing Idea is all about discovery and assembly. Both come from your volume of input.

While consuming, digging and researching, you’re looking for seeds of ideas you haven’t heard before. Things shared with a different perspective. An interesting, curious nugget. A twist of an old idea. A weird fact.

You want to find things that get your creative juices flowing. Something which piques your own curiosity. Something which gets you excited…and excited to tell others about.

And when you’re researching, don’t pre – judge any idea or image.

Don’t start making decisions about whether its good or not while researching.

Just note it. Document every idea that strikes your fancy.

You’re not looking for an idea to tap your prospect on the shoulder.

You’re looking for an idea that’ll whack them on the side of the head

Our Creactivist Spark Sessions will get you salivating.

After we’re finished I will give you the Creactivist Play Pad – a Plan on a Page which shows what is needed, what your goals are, your customer insights, and the Big Idea to get you going. All in one place.

Then it’s up to you – you can go off yourself and do it or work with me.

The session is £50 / $50 instead of the normal £500 / $500.

Why? Because I want to show you what I can do and prove to you that effective marketing is the life blood of any business.

It’s the foundation. The bedrock.

When done correctly, it can transform a fledgling venture into a marketplace leader. A cash strapped entrepreneur into a cash – flush business owner.

This is real marketing from a marketer who knows his stuff. to start with a ZOOM call and start Doing it Differently!

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