How to write the perfect headline

馃憠And swipe my best ones here.

Headlines: Your most valuable real estate.

I know, I know, it鈥檚 hard when you have so much to say in such a tiny space!

But don鈥檛 let the size fool you, because a tiny headline might just be the BIGGEST conversion opportunity you have in your ad. A dull headline won鈥檛 stop the scroll, and it definitely isn鈥檛 going to get the click.

So today I鈥檓 hooking you up with some of my go-to headlines that you can totally steal for your own ads.

Take a look at the three types of headlines I鈥檝e listed below, pick the best fit for your offer, and start testing.

The Promise: What type of life-changing transformation will they experience after using your product or service?

路 Book 5 appointments in 5 days

路 How I cut my ad spend in half (and you can, too!)

路 Triple your email list QUICKLY

The Urgency Factor: Why should they buy now and not wait until later?

路 Early bird bonuses disappear TOMORROW

路 Last chance to join until next year

The Savings: Because everyone is tempted by a good deal!

路 Save 拢89 this month only

路 [FREE QUIZ] Discover your best book idea

路 Get 拢2,297 in bonuses when you sign up today

And remember - you know my #1 rule is to test one thing at a time. If you snag one of these headlines, make sure it鈥檚 the only thing you鈥檙e changing in your ad.

Which one are you going to swipe?

馃憠Hit reply on this email and let me know -- bonus points if you鈥檝e tested it already and want to share your results!

Remember, keep writing and keep testing - practice makes perfect.

Trust me.

I'm an Ad Man!!!

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