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I'm here to help you with your marketing.

I recently launched a 60 minute marketing makeover for prospective clients.

I took a bit of marketing, a web site, a sales letter an ad or whatever and with a few tweaks, change of copy and maybe some art direction came back with changes that will make a huge difference.

And the single one mistake that came out from these makeovers was that the reader was left confused.

"What do I do now?"

"What does that mean?"

"Do they mean my business?" "Where do I sign up for more info?" And even, "How do I buy?"

Now you may be thinking this is all obvious stuff, but believe me it's not and often I'm my own worst enemy.

So, unless you want to look and try improving your marketing yourself, try Doing it Differently.

It's £100 and here is the guarantee.

If you don't like or agree with what I come back with, I will give you your money back.

And still stay friends...there may be a next time!

PS. There's always a PS......

Still not ready to start Doing it Differently!?

You get to hear more about how to make your marketing get from simmering to salivating.

Have a great day.

John (Nick)

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