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I'm moonlighting with Haiku.

Because a few chosen words make the difference.

It's probably 20 years+ since I was first introduced to Haiku.

Once confined to a literary elite in Japan, haiku is a three - line poem which tries to preserve a fleeting moment.

It holds back time, cages it.

And the relevance I hear you ask and why am I reading this?

It's a great way to focus on your copy when you are writing.

It's the brevity of what you say that can really capture the attention.

"I've got your attention now,

It's all about the next few words,

And then I've lost you "

You've heard " less is more " and this holds so true.

So next time you look at writing some copy, posting some social media, sending an E Mail or updating a web site - remember to focus on the moment you have the reader - and keep it brief.

Need some inspiration? Start Doing it Differently?

I'm your man.

Book a free ZOOMBAR session here on this web page with me and see if I'm full of shit or not.

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