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Is it time to take time off?

TIME OFF, na, how about TIME ON.

I don't believe that "recharging batteries" requires the inactivity of sleeping on the beach; rather, I get more juice in my cells taking time out of the office traveling, exploring, hiking, drinking new wines, finding new bars and restaurants, eating new flavours & smells, reading books, and basically taking in as much new stimulus as possible.

Indulging the Senses with the new, with adventures, very Anthony Bourdain like, OK, a bit of reading a book by the sea or pool for an hour or two after a 5-hour hike (OK , maybe a sneaky wander round a new City or Town ). But life is about using all the time you got as efficiently as possible, whether you are at work or at play, why turn time off. Turn it on, turn it on while your in your office and turn it on while your out of the office. Just don't turn it off.

Hey, look, I'm a story teller. That's what I do. If you'd like me to tell a story for you, your business or your brand, let's dig deep together and find that Big Idea.

So, let's get started here.....drop me an E Mail 👉 and see where we end up together!

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