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Is it worth taking the risk?

Expect the Unexpected

Don't stop yourself from doing something because it might not turn out how you think it will. It will never turn out how you think it will. Listen to your gut instinct but don't ever listen to that niggle that tells you to play it safe in case you look a bit silly. Playing it safe isn't better. Playing it safe never gets noticed. Playing it safe is a waste of time. Don't ever listen to that niggle that tells you that trying to be different isn't worth the risk in case somebody you don't care about doesn't like it. In case you get a reaction. You want a reaction. A flat reaction is no reaction. Failure is a necessary step to success. There would be no success without failure. There is no success or failure without you. You define them. We obsess over outcomes but things almost never work out how we planned. Plans are meant to change. Plans are meant to be ripped up. Don't caveat that things might change. The willingness to change should be the only given. Take comfort and confidence from the ability to change. Always be in beta. Show people what you’re truly capable of even though you don't entirely know yourself yet.

“But things don’t always go according to plan - on the contrary, things usually go quite differently and this is really a great blessing. If everything went according to plan, you would first experience a series of things of the utmost discomfort, for example those times when others make nasty plans against you. Besides, you would miss almost all experiences of any value - first of all because you rarely have enough imagination to plan anything really fun, and secondly because a whole lot of the amusing things you experience by coincidence become a lot more fun and more welcome precisely because they were not planned.” - Alf Bonnevie Bryn, Peaks and Bandits

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Hey...good luck whatever you do.

John (Nick)

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