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Look me in the eye.

Do I look like I'll do a logo for you for a fiver?

So I was working at my desk at home, looking outside and well basically having a few minutes of that "thought chasing, what the hell to do next " moment and up popped a direct message in my inbox.

" Hi John, I need a logo designing for my new scaffolding business. Haven't got much money but have been on line and it looks like I can get one done for a fiver. What do you think? "

So, here's me thinking " What the fuck?" is this guy seriously asking me if it's a good deal or more worrying, can I beat the price!??

Blah Blah Blah, No I won't do a shitty logo for you. And more to the point, " Look me in the eye. Do I look like I'll do a logo for you for a fiver?"

What really pisses me off is that so may businesses have no idea about marketing - not a clue, and throw thousands on knee jerk shit that does nothing for their business and then say " I tried that and it didn't work."

There is so much great marketing and creative talent out there - use it, don't abuse it.

And if you really haven't more than a fiver, look me in the eye, and if you really have the passion and dreams for your business then we can talk and share in the rewards.

It's about Doing it Differently! and it starts here.

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