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How is it possible for 3 cowboys to herd a thousand cattle?

Easy. They don't.

They herd ten cattle and these cattle influence fifty cattle and these cattle influence the rest.

And in marketing it's the same. Go for a niche market - a small number of customers who really love you.

Create your "Kiche" king of your niche.

Get across a great story about your product or service and then deliver like you have never worked your ass off before.

Then hey - they tell their pals who come for a bit of action and before you know it, your market is growing. Maybe over simplified, but great marketing is all about ideas.

And great ideas spread.

It's finding the BIG IDEA, then THE STORY and making it work.

Sometimes you can get away with quick fixes, sometimes not.

BUT by doing nothing, nothing will change.

Join me, work with me and we will get that BIG IDEA for your business

And if you want more missives and more, sign up here! It'll be good to see you on the other side!

John (Nick)

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