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Most marketing just isn't working

Despite what many marketers have been led to believe…

The biggest reason for failure and struggle online is NOT due to a lack of marketing know-how, missing technology components, outdated tactical marketing methods, or a misunderstanding of sound marketing strategy.

Sure, in many cases, one or more of those things certainly contribute to a lot of struggle and frustration online.

However, it’s my belief that none of those are the biggest cause.

Most marketers fail at creating profitable marketing funnels and campaigns simply because they underestimate the task at hand when it comes to persuading prospects and making the sale online.

I see it from new clients all the time.

Lots think if they simply have a lead generation webpage, have a sales letter, sales video, or series of sales videos, and make an offer, they should be able to make sales and acquire new customers.

But, when they experience little success, if any, they often immediately look to newer, slicker marketing tactics or whiz-bang technology “solutions .”

Really, what’s going on… is… they simply don’t recognize the difficulty of the task at hand when it comes to persuading prospects to whip out their wallets and buy.

Today, prospects are more sceptical and have more fears than ever before.

Prospects are significantly afraid of:

  • Making another poor buying decision…

  • Being manipulated by another “salesperson”…

  • Being forced out of their comfort zone…

  • Losing “hard-earned” money and time…

  • Buying into hyped-up “bogus” product claims…

  • Looking like a fool in front of their family and friends…

  • Not possessing the ability or skills necessary to reap the promised benefits…

  • Being disappointed once again by another inadequate product!

And, to not take that full weight of this scepticism and fear to heart when thinking through and creating your marketing funnels and campaigns is a MONSTER MISTAKE.

As a marketer, you always need to remind yourself of the magnitude of the mental baggage, and low perspective prospects bring to the table when engaging with your marketing communications.

Don’t ever assume the persuasion process will be… or should be… an easy task.

It’s not.

To assuage your prospects’ fear and scepticism, you must establish significant trust and credibility, provide a preponderance of proof for all claims, and present a truly irresistible and superior offer.

The process of doing so begins with a deep, intimate understanding of your prospects’ fears and concerns.

Hence, the need for extensive marketplace research.

As well, you need to analyse and understand your prospect’s level of awareness and sophistication as it relates to competitors and their marketing, you, your company, your product, and your offer.

Next, you need to ensure, throughout your marketing funnel, you’re establishing trust with prospects and not doing or saying anything to take away from that trust (i.e., coming off like a salesperson, seeming desperate to make the sale, making wild unsubstantiated claims, not providing adequate value, etc.).

One great way to do this is using my special Business Growth90 strategy, pioneered by myself and used by clients both in the UK and across the world. And it doesn't matter at what stage of growth your business is in.

Doing this right allows you to turn a trickle of daily sales conversions into a full-blow buying frenzy with this one tweak to almost any existing or new marketing funnel or campaign.

Hey, find out more here….and I can show you what Doing it Differently is really all about.

Hope to chat soon!

Have a fantastic day!

John (Nick)

PS. You can book a Free Custom Strategy Consultation here... Absolutely FREE. Zilch obligation - just a chance to see if I'm full of shit ,or really can help your business and brand like never before.

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