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Not everything is to be the new normal.

But being agile and fast moving probably will be.

So it's been around 6 months since we really got caught up in this mad mad world and by Christ there has been some changes! No one could have predicted any of this and look, no one is to blame.

It's life, and when it goes wrong or you don't agree, don't just start mouthing off.

No one wins.

But back to my story.

6 months on; clients who have moved heaven and earth and completely transformed their businesses and their business model.

Other's who quite frankly, buried their heads in the sand.

I've been involved in 5 new business launches, from scratch, new product launches - all fast and exciting - clients who "got on with it".

Calculated risks, but at least got on with it and all looks good so far.

And then there are some who have done nothing. They have procrastinated from the beginning, always having another reason, an excuse to wait and see, or do nothing.

And this is just not in the climate we are in now - it's a forever problem.

They get comfortable. Can't be bothered. Haven't got the time. Or the money.

We all know who the winners are.

Get out of that ivory tower. Stop procrastinating. Bloody get something done.

Preferably by Doing it Differently!

Rant over!

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