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Riding the Creativity Wave - Why Marketing Needs to Change Direction

In an age where social media dominates the marketing scene, businesses and brands are finding it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd. The customer demands more than just lackluster posts and uninspiring content. Instead, they crave genuine connections and brands that actively show they care. This is where Creativity and Idea generation come in. By tapping into the power of Creativity, brands and businesses can connect with their audience on a deeper and more meaningful level, setting themselves apart from the competition. In this blog post, I will explore why Creativity should be the new differentiator and how businesses can use it to engage with their customers.

1. Why Creativity is Essential

With a saturated digital space, it's no longer enough to simply post content and expect it to go viral. Brands need to actively show they care about their customers and offer them something distinctive to stand out. This is where creativity comes in. Creative marketing campaigns help brands to not only tell a story but also to inspire their audience to take action. By activating feeling, thinking, and doing Creatively, brands can use this to make a lasting impact, create brand loyalty and amplify their marketing campaign.

2. Reaching out to Your Audience

Understanding your customers is essential if you want to connect with them through Creativity. By knowing their values, hopes, and fears, brands can tap into emotions that drive people to act. One way of doing this is through brand activism. Take, for instance, the recent trend towards eco-friendly, socially responsible brands. These brands use their platform to advocate for their cause, engaging their audience with lifestyle choices and conscious purchasing decisions.

3. Exceeding Expectations

The same-old approach to marketing simply does not cut it anymore. Brands need to exceed expectations when it comes to their creativity in marketing campaigns. This could be through interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and user-generated content, pushing the boundaries of what is typically accepted in any given industry, or brand collaborations. By starting to think differently and challenging the norm, brands can make themselves impactful and memorable with their audiences.

4. The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration with other brands or thought leaders can help brands create unique, attention-grabbing campaigns that resonate with their audiences. By combining forces with a like-minded brand, brands can offer their audience new products or services, creating value, and a feeling of exclusivity. Additionally, collaborations can help to bridge audiences and extended brand communities, exposing the product to a brand new and possibly untapped audience that may not have been reached previously.

5. The Future of Marketing

Creativity is the future of marketing. Brands need to be constantly innovating and thinking Creatively, as it will be the differentiator that helps them stand out in a crowded digital space. It's high time that businesses recognize the importance of Creativity and embrace it wholeheartedly.


To sum it up, Creativity is the power that brands and businesses require to engage and connect with their audience meaningfully. Understanding customers, brand activism, exceeding expectations, collaborations and stepping out of the norm are all strategies that businesses can use to be Creative in their marketing campaigns. By doing so, they build lasting relationships with their audiences and promote growth and success. It's time for businesses to embrace the power of Creativity and ride the wave of change happening in marketing.

John (Nick) Atkinson

The CreActivist Marketer who is Doing it Differently!

“Creativity is the power to activate thinking. Activate feeling. Active doing.

Brands and Businesses that connect on an emotional level with their audiences, more and more start their brand activisim. Creativity is the super power, which brands and businesses need to move the needle.

And that’s why I CreActivate. “

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