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The art of the hustle and not the hassle.

Hey, I'm a far cry from a hostage negotiator. But, from the experience I do have peddling deals, I've found the person who says less tends to walk away with the better end of the bargain. However, if you're really looking to up your negotiating skills, read these tips from media mogul Felix Dennis... 1. Few are good at negotiating (including your opponent). 2. Set a limit on what you will pay or accept. 3. Don’t negotiate unless you have to. 4. Do your homework –– what you don’t know will kill you. 5. Never surrender control of negotiations to advisors. 6. Don’t be afraid to call “time-out” at the table. 7. Never fall in love with the deal. 8. Avoid auctions (unless you are selling). 9. The person across from you isn’t your friend. 10. Don’t be afraid to be passionate but be under control. 11. Nobody ever got poor listening. 12. Find a rogue element & bring it to the table, late. 13. Find differences in opinion in your enemy’s team. 14. Don’t allow #13 to happen to you. 15. If it’s your company, you have the final say. 16. If you’re a bad negotiator, don’t attend. 17. Know the weakness in every negotiation. 18. Whatever you agree to during a negotiation, do it. After a list like that, I'd hate to be on the other side of your next negotiation...

But remember, it's all about Doing it Differently! So before you start negotiating, you may want to find out what and how much your BIG IDEA is worth.

Have a great day guys!


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