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The Muses don't visit office cubicles

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

So try ditching the desk.

One of the great curses of modern business is presenteeism.

People are expected to be seen at their desk. Mainly because the company doesn't trust them to do their work if someone isn't staring over them.

Now this has changed to a degree, but employees still sit at their desk, whether that be at home or work.

But desks are probably not the best place for ideas or creativity or problem solving.

Just think of what takes up most of the space on a desk; it's usually a computer scree, a keyboard, and a mouse, plus a few pieces of office paraphernalia.

So the way you show your worth is by rattling the keyboard and let's be honest checking social media and google.

Desks are designed for doing, not thinking. They are places where you get constantly interrupted. They put people in a mindset that probably doesn't welcome fresh thinking. And people don't want to be seen staring into space thinking about a problem while everyone around them is clacking the keys.

That's why most ideas tend to come to you when you're not sitting in your swivel chair.

If you want people to come to you with better ideas, problem solving and more creativity, encourage them to escape from their desks.

Or even better still, escape the office altogether.

And right now I'm writing this Blog looking over the Med, real early morning, ready to do a walk before the sun gets too hot.

Hey, I send out free marketing musings, great goal settings, business tips and so much more, especially when I'm out the office, just click and sign up here and let's start this Shizzle!

Adios, for now and have a great week.

John (Nick)

PS. Looking for some new ideas, some creativity or problem solving for your business? Jump on a quick call here and let's see what we can do.

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