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Using a Story in your Business or Brand works.

Here's how to hold your audience's attention, and if I've lost you already click here!

Have a read of the next two paragraphs.

1. An estimated 4 million children in Africa are malnourished. They simply don't have the food they need to grow properly. So many of these kids won't develop like they should. They'll be underweight, sickly and won't be able to help their families. Sadly many of these kids will develop serious health problems, or even die, because of their lack of access to food.

Now let’s take a look at the second:

2. When Eliana goes to bed at night, she can hardly sleep due to the hunger pains in her stomach. Her mother tries to help. She caresses her head, and gives Eliana sips of water hoping it will help. But it seldom does. Some weeks, Eliana goes days without eating. It truly breaks my heart to tell you her story. Imagine being 6 years old, and not knowing where your next meal will come from. Imagine how scared you'd feel. And unsafe. A young girl shouldn't have to feel this way.

The difference between these two paragraphs is pretty clear, isn't it?

They hit you differently, on an emotional level. Didn't the second paragraph ENGAGE you more?

Of course it did.

The first paragraph certainly gives you a lot of facts that are indisputable. They're all true and you can't argue with them. It's logical.

But that's also a mistake.

It’s understandable that people would try to "logic" you into buying something. But logic is not enough.

Stories are always a much more emotional and powerful way to connect and move someone to action.

Is your Sales Copy, Web Site, Social Media , E mail campaigns, Advertising doing this right now?

This is where THE BIG IDEA. THE STORY. THE WORDS come in and done right, get's your Brand or Business talked about (in a good way!)

Ready to start Doing it Differently?

I'm your man.

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