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You've gotta stop hassling the customer. Really.

Shit short- term marketing has brought a new shift, a new direction in marketing.

Hey, the SEO expert promises that you'll be found when people search for you.

The Facebook consultant tells you how to interrupt just the right people.

The PR professional promises articles and mentions profiles.

The Ad Man will trade your money for ads. Beautiful sexy ads.

All to get the word out.

But that's not marketing, not anymore. And it doesn't work, not anymore either.

I'm seeing too often, businesses just chucking out crap on social media - their only goal is to increase their followers / buy their followers and only to realise what a waste of time that was.

Of course I'm not saying social media doesn't have a role, but when anyone can post a message or article suddenly we are swamped, hassled with crap that we just don't need.

At the end of the day, people don't want what you make or do.

They want what it will do for them. They want the way it will make them feel. And you know what, there aren't that many feelings to choose from.

The bottom line is that most marketers deliver the same feelings. We just do it in different ways, with different services, products, and stories.

And we do it for different people in different moments.

If you can bring someone belonging, connection, peace of mind, status, or one of the other most desired emotions, you've done something worthwhile.

The thing you sell is simply a road to achieve those emotions, and we let everyone down when we focus on the tactics - the social media post, the ad, the unwelcome pop up ad, the unwanted E Mail spam etc., and not the outcomes.

Who's it for and what's it for are the two questions you need to ask yourself and that will help you guide your decision and stop hassling the customer with irrelevant shitty messages that quite frankly piss them off and waste everyone's time.

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Have a great New Year - and don't be afraid to chat, talk to me,, let me work with you to get your marketing just where it deserves to be.

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