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121 E mails on average a day.

Here's how to get yours read.

Now let's get personal.

Adding a personal touch to your emails can mean the difference between getting a yes and a no.

Think about it. The average person receives 121 emails a day.

So if your next email is impersonal, generic, boring, soulless, or overly formal... it’s going to get deleted faster than you can say Prince Harry for King.

Worse, it’ll train your reader not to open your snoozemails ever again.

Using your personality is a powerful element of selling that most people forget.

Don’t be most people! doom).

Here’s what to do:

Personality-Filled Reference something your client has written: If the client has published a social media post, article or case study recently—mention it.

Use this opportunity to personalise your email. A little non-sleazy flattery can go a long way.

Write as fast as you can: That’s how your enthusiasm and personality will shine through. Edit for accuracy only in the second round.

Be personal and likable: Reveal small details about yourself. Sharing personal titbits humanises you and makes your readers more willing to trust and open up to you more.

Hey, give it a go – writing as fast as I can – in the moment so to speak is how I work. Do it on a pad with a pencil and then type it out. It works for me!

And if you need some help with slinging ink and getting real killer copy for your next E Mail marketing campaign, start Doing it Differently!

John ( Nick)

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