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30 Free Marketing Ideas

Marketing ideas on a plate that will get you to start

Doing it Differently!

Sometimes we just want the ideas handed to us on a plate. Here are 30. Choose one and go for it.

  1. Turn your knowledge (or a team member's) into a course.

  2. Host a live streamed party.

  3. Host a Hire Event.

  4. Record a webinar.

  5. Create a downloadable resource.

  6. Write a white paper.

  7. Create a Top XX List for your industry and share it with those you've included. For example, 'The Top 20 Destination Marketing Campaigns of 2022.'

  8. Partner with a charity.

  9. Join a community.

  10. Host a Clubhouse Room. (I have a few invites. If anyone wants one, get back to me.)

  11. Launch a competition or give something away.

  12. Start a newsletter.

  13. Start a podcast.

  14. Write a pillar post.

  15. Make a video introducing yourself or going behind the scenes.

  16. Advertise.

  17. Sponsor.

  18. Send your clients an unexpected gift.

  19. Send them a letter.

  20. Make your product better.

  21. Collaborate with a company in a different industry that has similar values to you.

  22. Make your brand consistent and shiny across all channels and invest in new imagery.

  23. Write your manifesto.

  24. Write a book.

  25. Go to a virtual networking event.

  26. Pick up the phone to your customers or past customers for a chat.

  27. Commission and publish some research.

  28. Start your own 'fitness channel' (or whatever the equivalent is for your business. Video or stream yourself working on something interesting.

  29. Host a weekly live Twitter chat.

  30. Start a printed publication for your business.

WOW! There’s a bit to get through there!!!

But see what you can do and get cracking today! Let me know how you get on.

And if you want more…..sign up to my Marketing Musings – weekly blogs, posts and more straight into your in box – you know you want to!

John ( Nick)

Have something to chat through, need help with or just get some feedback?

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