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Difference is the only known way to stand out.

Doing it Differently has never been better.

What really pisses me off in business is when people tune in to the thinking of industry though leaders so that they can regurgitate it in the workplace.

This behaviour ( and we all have done it, I know ), leads to predictable echo chambers where cliched phrases are spouted by people who want to sound smart.

This in itself is more irritating than harmful, but the more these so called nuggets of wisdom are uttered, the less valuable they become.

When an opinion, an approach or a piece of knowledge is adopted by a large number of people it becomes the norm.

And that gets you back to square one and reduces the value.

Take Banksy for instance. Many street artists, very quickly emulated his work and wondered why they didn't get the attention Banksy was?

It was obviously because they became another me-too copyist with a spray can. They were ten - a - penny, and the bottom fell out of the market.

In the marketing world, I see people being "over - influenced" by work that won awards. They adopt and follow the new norm and this just leads to plagiarism than to inspiration, and that's not what you want to achieve, is it?

No one remembers the fifth man on the moon. Or the first Rolling Stones cover band.

Difference is the only known way to stand out.

Want to embrace your difference? Find the Big Idea for your business or idea?

Resist the urge to conform. That just removes everything that makes you special. Instead, celebrate what makes you different. Because your difference is what allows you to think and do things in ways that other people don't.

But don't be a pretentious dick about it. Difference alone won't help you. It only really becomes valuable when you put it to use in generating ideas,, whether in the the field of art, business ideas, or whatever floats your brain.

So find something that drives you and get to work.

And I'm here to help you. Fix up a Discovery Call here - free 15 minutes to see if I'm full of shit or not.


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